SugaSuga Music Artist

Find The " Strength From Within"

Singing sensation SugaSuga - Fiona Porch from Sydney, Australia born on the 12th July 1982.

She has overcome adversity since her adolescence and persevered in writing and composing her  own music. Fiona was born with a form of dwarfism called Kniest Dysplasia, having this condition made life a little challenging but this didn't stop Fiona from living her dreams!

Fiona soon discovered that the best way to express herself is through her music. Making it in the music industry can be a struggle and sometimes feels a little more difficult for Fiona as she embarks on this journey. Fiona stated "I'd like to be judged first and foremost for my voice and not my condition, I really just want to share my story and my passion for music with the world". 

Life Without Limits - SugaSuga